Best Metal Fabrication – Maintenance and Repair

Steel fabrication is a complex and difficult process. Steel fabrication has various commercial and industrial applications. Therefore it is advised to take the help of professional Sheet Metal Fabrication firm for getting the best results. Western Blow Pipe is a leading metal fabrication firm that offers high grade stainless steel and aluminum for industrial and commercial purposes. The firm also handles installation and repair requirements.

Located in St. Louis, Western Blow Pipe was established in 1895 to provide metal work solutions. Over the years, Western Blow Pipe has offered a wide range of services to numerous satisfied clients. The firm handles everything, right from project inception to project completion. The staff at the firm is well trained, has Welding Certification from highest authorities and can carry out innovative and complex projects with ease. The process is carried out using the latest tools and high degree of accuracy is maintained. Western Blow Pipe offers industry grade fabrication, installation and repair services.

Western Blow Pipe provides fabrication and repair applications using architectural steel, galvanized steel, structural steel, stainless steel, aluminum, expanded steel and grating, copper, specialty metals and plastic, fiber glass etc. Other specialized services offered by the firm include dust control and scrap collection, ventilation systems, air pollution systems and exhausts, rectangular and round duct. Western Blow Pipe also specializes in custom sheet metal fabrication, chutes, custom dampers, custom access doors, expansion joints, aluminum welding, power press forming and shearing etc.

Additional services offered by the firm include:

Material Handling System: The material handling system can used to effectively reduce the presence of paper, scrap and dust.

Kitchen Installations: The firm can handle installation of kitchen equipment, hoods and exhaust.

Painting: Western Blow Pipe offers prime, finish coat, bead blasting, sand blasting and heat treating.

Specialty Coating: Specialty coating includes power coating, galvanizing, anodizing and plating.

Western Blow Pipe also provides high quality industrial ventilation systems that help you keep your surroundings clean and hygienic.


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