Aluminium Welding Explained

Metalwork welding is not a new process; metals have been being welded from the longest time to create a plethora of different things including jewelry, utensils, furniture, artwork, infrastructure, automobiles etc. Aluminium is one of the most used metals in the world and comes handy in varied processes, which is why you might come across a number aluminium welding companies. For example, if you live in St. Louis, then you are bound to come across factories and companies which are involved with aluminum welding St Louis or pipe fittings St Louis.

Welding aluminium is comparatively much easier because they not too difficult to melt and moreover, it does not crack upon solidification. The welding is done in accordance to the quality of the aluminium; the ones used commercially are 99 percent pure and therefore are easier to melt than the ones which have led or copper additives.

There are various processes when it comes to welding aluminium, TIG and MIG are supposed to be the traditional processes, while latest techniques involve the use of pulse arc. Those involved in welding process needs to be really careful, because they also have to work with covered electrodes at times. Oxidation on the surface may occur if the welder does not take necessary precautions; after which cleaning processes need to come in.

Welding aluminium to perfection requires a lot of effort, and perfection comes after a lot of trial and error. You may come across many such companies which deal in such services against nominal charges. So in case you want to get your work done perfectly, make sure that you approach the right company. You could also check out their work on the internet and perhaps get an idea about the pricing too before approaching the company with your requirements. Be smart and do your research before settling down for a welder.


Steel Fabricators in St Louis

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All You Need To Know About Stainless Steel Welding

Metal fabrication is not a simple process; it requires a series of various processes which need to be completed on time, to continue with the processes which follow. If you want to know more about metal fabrication, read ahead. Irrespective of whether a single product needs to be produced or mass products, the series of procedures do not change in most cases. First up, let us find out how these metals are fabricated in a step by step format.

•    Cutting

Cutting, it is a very technical procedure and requires a lot of precision.  Physical sharing or sawing is the first process, which is followed by shaping of the metal into the desired shape.

•    Joining

The next thing which is done is one of the most common processes when it comes to metal fabrication. Riveting, welding or bonding is procedures which are used to join the metals, easily. At times a very strong glue or adhesive is also used.

•    Bending

The next thing which follows is the bending of the material, earlier the bending was done manually, but these days there are machines to do it for you. In case the said product has not been joint, post bending it becomes much more sturdy, strong and durable.

•    Finishing touches

Like everything stainless steel welding too requires finishing touches which vary from product to product. It could be something as simple as painting the product to applying protective coatings on it, especially if it is to be used outdoors.
All these processes and more are carried on by companies involved in metal fabrication St Louis. Most services are provided by these companies are absolutely on point, and you will find that you get the value of your money for sure. Be sure to check out the website of the company you zero in so that you know what to expect.